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Image of Under the Notes by Author Kincie

Under the Notes by Author Kincie

Under the Notes,

Kincie Elaine Farnell, known as Kincie Elaine, MS, CAP, CMHP, is a Certified Mental and Addiction Therapist. She is owner of Stage Recovery Clothing®️. Her driving passion is representing “Social Justice, Treatment, Recovery, Diversity, and Equality to All.” Kincie Elaine speaks at variety of Treatment Centers, Recovery Events, Schools, Churches and Organizations. As a graduate of Psychology, University of Arizona and Law, Trinity Law School Ms. Kincie spent her early years studying Opera and Classical Music since the age of eight years old until 27 years old. Ms. Kincie, the author of popular book “Under the Notes” writes a story on character Irene, who struggles with heartbreak, addiction and co-dependency. Despite the countless setback, this non-fiction story speaks to the readers on the life of rising above your Addiction and Co-Dependency. Whether you are struggling with the following Addictions: Gambling, Sex, Substance Abuse, Food, Low Self-Esteem, Co-Dependency finding the true meaning of under the notes of you’re story is how the healing process starts….