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Book Speaker Kincie 1-3hrs duration

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Public Speaker| Minister| Therapist Kincie Farnell, MS, CAP, CMHP

**This is in-person local proximity only, no virtual bookings here, once booked you will be sent email, if approved for agreement. If Speaker does not approve event you will be refunded within 1-3 business days****

Kincie Farnell, MS, CAP, CMHP is a Therapist in Orlando, FL with special training and skill in assessing patient mental health and treating cognitive, substance abuse psychological, and behavioral disorders using a wide variety of therapy techniques. She encourages individuals to discover their potential to recover from the challenging impact of addiction and unresolved traumas through the power of healing and spirituality. As a Professional Counselor, Ms. Farnell performs diagnosing and treating mental and emotional disorders, providing therapy to clients in individual and group settings, research into advanced therapy techniques and applications, and referral to medical mental health professionals as needed. Professional Counseling is a healthcare specialty centered on providing faith-based, spirituality under leadership of Pastor Terry Ingram, mental and emotional guidance, and therapy to treat mental, emotional, and addictive disorders. Significant diseases and conditions treated by Professional Counselors include anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), behavioral disorders, phobias, bereavement, hardship, attempted suicide, drug and alcohol addiction. She is also the CEO of Stage Recovery Clothing and Stage Recovery Wellness, LLC.
She is helping end the stigma through fashion while customers spark conversations on Recovery.
Her driving passion is representing “Social Justice, Treatment, Recovery, Diversity, and Equality to all.” Kincie Elaine speaks at a variety of Treatment Centers, Recovery Events, Schools, Churches and Organizations. Ms. Kincie spent her early years studying Opera under Grammy winner Opera singer Marylin Mims and Classical Music from the age of 8 years old until 27 years old. She spent many years working behind the spotlight with musician who struggle behind the stage with Addiction. Ms. Kincie is an Author of “Under the Notes”, she writes a story on struggle, heartbreak and redemption. Despite the countless setback, this fiction story speaks to the readers on the life of rising above your Addiction and Codependency. Whether you are struggling with Gambling, sex, Substance Abuse, Food, Low Self-Esteem, Co-Dependency.
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